Testimonial Gallery

In an effort to prove that I do exist, I’ve started this gallery of photographed testimonials that some folks have, in fact, Heard of Jen Tidwell…

Nathan Barnatt aka Keith Apicary

Vince Caso aka Bladezz from The Guild

Tom Savini, Make-up Master

Laurie Holden aka Andrea from “The Walking Dead”

Juanita Weasel appears Courtesy of The Bloggess

Adam Baldwin aka Jayne from “Firefly”

Lea Thompson aka Lorraine from “Back to the Future”

George Takei, needs no introduction

The Man Himself, Mr. Wil Wheaton

Donald from Take the Red Pill podcast!

A small contingent of Japanese boy soldiers! Yay! Ummm… wait…

My Dad, actor Byron Tidwell! Here looking only slightly like your creepy Uncle Norm.

Jen Yates of Cake Wrecks and Epbot!!!

Cooper Huckabee aka Joe Lee Mickens from True Blood!

The Cast of Husbands! Alessandra Torresani, Brad “Cheeks” Bell and Sean Hemeon – with a little extra love from writer Jane Espenson too!

The Bloggess herself, Jenny Lawson!! Yaaaaaaay!! (Kermit-flail.gif)

Paul and Storm!!


Chris Hardwick aka The Nerdist

Alan Shearman of Bullshot Crummond

Alan Shearman of Bullshot Crummond

Felicia Day!!

Felicia Day!!

Gillian Anderson!

Gillian Anderson!

Natalia Tena aka Tonks!

Natalia Tena aka Tonks!


Have you heard of me too? Prove it! Send your signed photo to neverheardofjt@gmail.com

5 thoughts on “Testimonial Gallery

    • I’d usually explain myself up front, and almost all of them said something along the lines of “That’s so funny/awesome/cool.” Glad you like it!! Why not add your own, I need more for my collection 😉

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