Making It (In Under 12 Parsecs)

(Comes racing in, arms full of pop culture, dropping things left and right)

Sorry! Sorry, I’m late, everyone! But, hey, it’s still Friday, so technically I’ve met my deadline!

Hi there, hope everyone is doing well.

Not too much to report this week, except, you know, a GIANT FRICKING ROCK EXPLODED over Russia,

the “Blade Runner” (Oscar Pistorius) probably killed his girlfriend and is apparently (refreshingly) sad about it,

Oscar "Blade Runner" Pistorius, shown here on a much better day

Oscar “Blade Runner” Pistorius, shown here on a much better day

the Walking Dead returned on Sunday and Rick has lost his EVER-LOVING MIND,

Nucking Futs and Armed. Uh-Oh.

Nucking Futs and Armed. Uh-Oh.

and finally, perhaps most importantly, journalist El Mayimbe used his saucy Latino swagger to squeak out this awesome piece of information about the upcoming  Star Wars: Episode VII….HARRISON FORD IS GOING TO APPEAR AS HAN “KESSEL RUN” SOLO!!!

Han Solo

So, yeah… you know… pretty dead week.

Hopefully next week will be a little more interesting.

3 thoughts on “Making It (In Under 12 Parsecs)

  1. That video is incredible!
    But (and I’m as psyched about the last bit as you), will Ford make it a good bit, or just leave a bad aftertaste as Han? (Sort of like the last Indy flick…)

  2. Um… Yeah, you know nothing TOO exciting. Lol. Awesome thing is I get to see you run in with brain full of geeky awesomeness and drop said tidbits wherever they happen to fall ( usually in my lap) Constantly in awe of your hilarity and knowledge .

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