I Can’t, I Have Rehearsal

Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past couple of weeks, ya’ll. The truth is that I have been both busy and lazy.

I decided that I’d had enough of NOT being on-stage. So, after a seven-year hiatus from treading the boards, I went to an audition. I fully expected to not be cast. I’m older and fatter than I was 7 years ago, as well as terribly out of practice. But I went, because I needed to get the tippy-toes wet again with the experience of the audition process.

Then something bizarre happened.

I got cast.

It took two rounds of callbacks, but still, I got cast. In my first show in seven years. After my first audition in even longer than that.


I need to be honest here and tell you that the two things that popped into my mind immediately after receiving the “we’d love to have you” phone call were the following: A) I must be better than I thought and B) Or maybe this is a low-quality company.

After two weeks of rehearsal I can happily report that this is definitely NOT a low-quality company. This is a very good company, with a very clear vision and an excellent team of creative professionals behind it all.


This makes me doubly happy because if the company doesn’t suck, it must mean that I ALSO don’t suck.


So I hope you’ll forgive me if my postings are a little sparse as I get re-used to the rehearsal routine again, which also includes figuring out and adjusting my writing schedule.

If you’re going to be in the Seattle area in late-November, early December, please come see me on-stage for the first time in seven years in the Quiet production of PIPPIN!

Magic to Do! (Just for You!)

And this week’s addition to the Testimonial Gallery is:


3 thoughts on “I Can’t, I Have Rehearsal

  1. Conga Rats!!

    Both the hubby and I actually enjoy theater in general and musicals specifically so hopefully we can work a trek over to Seattle into our schedule. (He’s got a couple out of town work trips coming up and I’m not sure exactly when they are)

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