It’s here, ya’ll. PAX Prime! Wooooo!

I am seriously stoked about attending this convention! Sure, it’s going to be huge and ungainly and loaded down with gamer-y goodness, and I have no idea what to expect beyond that, but I know it’s going to be AWESOME.


Games, man. Games. Lots of ‘em. And not all in one category, either. Not all video, not all tabletop, not all RPG, just ALL. ALL, Ya’ll!!

To paraphrase Ally Brosh from Hyperbole and a Half:


Even Flaninja is excited, and he hasn’t been around the blog in ages. He’s a stoic dude (think Oz from Buffy, but in pastry-form) and the fact that he’s even shown up shows a level of enthusiasm not to be ignored.


I’ve prepared for this con-adventure using the tools of any modern geeky, nerd-type. I downloaded the Guidebook app, and set my schedule after perusing the daily panel and event lists. I’ve actually left most of the three days wide open for shenanigans, because this is my first time attending this con and I don’t want to bog myself down too much and inadvertently prevent fun-having and exploration.

I’ll report next week on all the happenings I happen to happen upon!

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