Of Cash and Cons

Trying to come up with something to write about for this week’s blog and having a hard time. Geek Girl Con is this weekend here in Seattle and I’ve decided, after much thought, not to go. Nothing against GGC, money factored into it more than anything else.

So, I’m kinda bummed about the next few days because originally I was supposed to be in Chicago (the town and not the musical) this weekend to watch one of my oldest and dearest friends get married. But then we had a sudden home-repair that sucked up all of our savings and POOF there went that trip. Then I thought I might go to GGC, but I waffled about it too long and now I don’t have money to do THAT.

It sucks when your reasonably flush savings account (for emergencies and/or fun things) is suddenly not there (due to an actual emergency) because it’s almost like finding yourself rock-climbing without a rope. Or tight-rope walking without a safety net. Or riding a BMX without a helmet. You get my point, but you can continue insert your own similes and metaphors if you like. (Maybe in the comments? Hmmm?)

Now I’m struggling to write about something fun and geeky instead of dull and self-pitying which is what I am doing right now… sorry.

OH! Ok, ya’ll, here’s some awesome geeky news! If you’re a fan of The Bloggess you already know this BUT she is coming here (Seattle) for TWO (count’em) TWO book readings/signings! I will be attending at least one of these and, of course, I will be reporting about it right here, so stay tuned!

Plus, as you know, I’ll also be attending PAX Prime at the end of this month. I’ve been looking over the schedule, trying to decide what panels to attend, and I gotta say, I am completely overwhelmed. This is my first time attending a gaming convention and I am going seriously big right out of the gate with PAX. What I can’t seem to find yet is the exhibitor’s list for the Expo Hall or a list of media guests. Frankly, other than the musical acts for the evening entertainment, I don’t know if PAX even HAS media guests. I keep thinking they must… but who knows? Not me. It’s scary and exciting.

Here’s another, semi-related, geeky thing! Guidebook! Are you familiar with this app? Thanks to PAX, I am now. It’s a pretty darn neat way to navigate conventions and other events! Basically, if the convention you’re attending is tech saavy and has the forethought to put together a guide to upload to the app, you, as an attendee, can view the event, its schedule, an expo hall map (if applicable), media guest list, panel descriptions, etc, etc. You can even create a “to do” list in advance and the app will keep you on track with reminders of where you’re supposed to be and when. I will absolutely be taking advantage of this tool… just as soon as PAX Prime uploads all of the information for this year’s convention to the Guidebook. And they will, probably a week out from the actual show.

So cool, this week’s post didn’t turn out too “woe is me” after all. Yay!

2 thoughts on “Of Cash and Cons

  1. “like cooking without pants”.
    Sucks that you couldn’t go to the wedding or con, but go you for having the foresight to actually set aside money for emergencies!

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