So…This is Happening

This year I will be at PAX Prime in Seattle! It is happening, people! I thought I had lost my chance (again) this year because even as early as February the site was saying that they were sold out… then I realized… they were talking about LAST year’s badges, not this year’s. Thus, began the ritual of obsessive site-checking. Every day, leading up to the official opening of registration, I was on the PAX site checking, waiting, watching. Then, the second registration opened in April, I pounced and “voila” I managed to score two three-day badges!! One for myself, and one for the wife.

Note how effectively my copy of GLOOM is keeping the welcome letter from being blown away by my oscillating fan…

It’s a good thing I got them when I did, because they sold out of three-day badges in under 24 hours, and single-day badges in under 48. Now that is a what I call a popular event, man!

So, come the end of this month, I will be rubbing elbows with other gaming nerds from across the country, attending panels and game demos and generally having an awesome time. Although video games will have a strong presence, I’ll likely be spending most of my time investigating the table top games as I don’t own any consoles (other than the Wii, which we use primarily for Netflix and Hulu), but I DO own a pretty nice table.

Note how the four legs lovingly support the large flat surface enabling the user to place any number of things atop it…such as board games… or plates or something.

Of course I will report on my experience here and post many photos. I’ll continue to provide updates on the schedule of the convention as they update the information on the PAX Site, and as I narrow down the list of panels and events I hope to attend.

I hope you enjoy living vicariously through me at yet another geeky fan convention!

2 thoughts on “So…This is Happening

  1. Start taking a good immune booster now, srsly! Last year I caught the crud from being there just one day, and boy was it nasty! PAX was way too crowded for an introvert like me though I HAD to experience it the once…I’ll stick to smaller cons like Geek Girl Con.

  2. Gotta agree with Squirrel.
    Oh, and probably good advice to keep a very tight budget for dice.
    Seriously, how many d20 can one person possible use? (No matter how pretty they are.)
    And of course, HAVE FUN!

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