You Keep Using that Word….

So, I have this weird quirk. When I’m reading an email, or a text, or a status update I tend to hear it in the voice of the person who’s written it (if I know what they sound like in person, if I don’t, I hear my voice). This isn’t the quirk. I’m sure this is fairly par for the course with most folks. The quirk comes into play when somewhere in the text I am reading a particular misspelled word appears – generally a word spelled in a way that could be considered phonetically correct, but wouldn’t win any awards at Scripps.

The word is “ya”. Used in-place of “yes”, meant to be the casual “yeah”, but with only two letters. When I stumble across this little word suddenly the voice in my head (be it  my friend’s or my own) becomes German, because when I read “ya” I hear “yaw”.

Here is a pictorial example of this quirk in action:

Another example of “mishearing” a written word is with another variant of “yes”. This time, the also three-lettered “yea”. Again, meant to read/sound like “yeah”, but when I read it, I hear “yay” and read it in context as the old English “Yea” as in “Yea, verily, thou didst speak a silly thing”.

So in my mind, this happens:

I’m generally not a grammar or a spelling Nazi (unless you’re my Godson, in which case, I am). Plus, I don’t want to be “that guy”, otherwise known as the uptight pedant who lives to red pen the world. So, I’ll continue to live with my little quirks…besides, the mental images alone are worth ignoring the spelling errors.

And this/last week’s addition to the TESTIMONIAL GALLERY is:


The Cast of Husbands! Alessandra Torresani, Brad “Cheeks” Bell and Sean Hemeon – with a little extra love from writer Jane Espenson too!

If you’ve not seen Husbands: The Series yet, please do check it out! It is terrifically good!


Special thanks to my friends Erik and Kai who allowed me the use of their images 🙂

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