Insert Punny Blog Title

For my birthday this year I will be seeing this guy:

It’s still a few weeks out and I couldn’t be more excited. Jonathan Coulton, or “JoCo” as he is affectionately called by his fans (myself included), did something for me that no other recent singer/songwriter of note has done for me lately, he’s related to me through his music.

His oeuvre is “geek folk rock” and the man is damn good at it. I mean the dude wrote the theme song for Portal and Portal 2, check it out –

 Argh!! The embed isn’t working… just click this and come back. I’ll wait.

Right?? The man is awesome, and I am super excited to be seeing him live for the first time. I will, of course, be writing a blog about it.

Stay Tuned….

And this week’s addition to the TESTIMONIAL GALLERY is:

Cooper Huckabee aka Joe Lee Mickens from True Blood!

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