Don’t Panic!!

I forgot to write something for this week. I have a friend whose brain I will occasionally pick for ideas when I get stuck. Her name is “M”… actually, that’s only her first initial, but in case she desires anonymity, for now it’s just M.

Here is our actual conversation from this morning, when I wigged out about not having written anything for today:

Jen:  I forgot to write a thing for this week!! Do you have any funny videos or essay suggestions?? EEEEK!


Jen:  Ooooh. Yes but no.

M: Happy Towel Day!

Jen: Holy CRAP! How could I forget TOWEL DAY?

M: Don’t Panic.

Jen: Well, naturally.

M: Do you have a towel?

Jen: …. Sort of.

M: Sort of?

Jen: It’s paper.

M: Doesn’t that make it a napkin?

Jen: No. It’s from the bathroom.

M: So…. It’s toilet paper?

Jen: No! Dude… it’s a paper towel from the bathroom.

M: Why do you use paper towels in your bathroom? How do you dry your hair?

Jen: What? No! It’s a paper towel from the bathroom at work.

M: That so doesn’t count.

Jen: Yes it does.

M: No it doesn’t! How could that possibly count?

Jen: I drew “Don’t Panic” on it in large friendly letters.

M: … … that might count.

Jen: Told you!

Happy Towel Day, Everyone!!

One thought on “Don’t Panic!!

  1. FANTASTIC!!! I’ve been following the #TowelDay and #DouglasAdamsMovies hashtags on twitter and been enjoying hte hell out of them.
    This post is cool, and dare I say froody?
    Oh yes, I dare!

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