Meme Dream Scheme Update!

Ok ya’ll, against all odds, I’ve got a good solid start to realizing my Meme Dream!

And so, it is my pleasure to reveal to you, my official “Testimonial Gallery”!!

You’ll find a link in the menu bar at the top of the page (above the FLAN), or can just CLICK HERE.

This is only a start – I’m seeking far more affirmations that I do (indeed) exist from celebs, lay-people and pets (living or dead) alike – so please help me by submitting your signed photo to

I’d like to try and update the gallery with new images at least once a week – will yours be next?

2 thoughts on “Meme Dream Scheme Update!

  1. A very good start to your collection indeed. Also, Juanita has pretty good handwriting for a weasel who is angry with you after you ruined her souffle….

    Anyhow, if you think you want to go to PAX this year I hope you are keeping an eye out on the site as they’ll be reopening registration again soon and they really do sell out quickly. I’m going to skip it as last year I caught the con crud that always goes around and besides, it’s a mere three weeks after Geek Girl Con which is more my speed anyhow.

    • I have got my eyeballs glued to the Pax site so that I don’t miss my opportunity to register (not making the same mistake twice, no ma’am!)

      Glad you like my little collection 🙂 Personally, I was impressed with Juanita’s handwriting considering she’s a dead weasel. But we all have our barometers of excellence. 😉

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