All About Meme

Okay readers, I am starting on an interactive craft project. It’s an online craft project, but a project involving craftiness, nonetheless.

As you know the name of this blog is: You’ve Never Heard of Jen Tidwell

Pursuant to this, I have decided to start an image gallery here providing photographic evidence of folks who, in fact, HAVE heard of me. Therefore, I am collecting photos of folks proclaiming their knowledge of my existence. It will include signed photos from both celebrities and lay-people alike. I will even accept images of animals professing they know me.

These photos will look something like this:

Nathan Barnatt aka Keith Apicary

Want to get in on this? Please email me your “I’ve Heard of Jen Tidwell” image to and I’ll let you know when it’s been added to gallery!

A post of the official gallery launch will go up in the next couple of weeks.

If we can turn this into a meme it would be SO COOL and I would love you all FOREVER AND ALWAYS!!!

Please note: If I don’t choose to include your image in the gallery, I will let you know as well. I’d appreciate it if we could avoid nudity, images of dead things (that aren’t taxidermied) and other things of questionable taste. Signed photos of celebrities need to be authenticated somehow (like a pic of them signing the submitted photo, or something).

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