What Do You Mean It Snowed?!

Yes, it snowed in Seattle. The jokes about how no one in the PNW knows how to drive in the snow abounded.

Well, here’s the thing… in the major cities, like Seattle and Tacoma (and I’ll throw Bellevue a bone and include them) there are HILLS. Not that there aren’t hills in the Northeast, there are indeed. But the difference between Seattle or Tacoma, WA and, say, Syracuse or Oswego, NY is preparedness.

We aren’t prepared in the PNW with comprehensive snow plows and salt trucks because it really *doesn’t* snow here like it does back East.

Let me give you an example – and yes, these people were stupid enough to try and drive in the weather, but the snow fall was minimal, and maybe they had to get home to Puyallup or something – this is what happens when the barest hint of ice appears on the extremely slanty streets of the Emerald City:

Physics was working against all of these folks in the worst way. You will note that a good number of these drivers actually managed to regain control of their vehicles, showing that they do have good driving skills if not the greatest sense.

What about the bus, you may ask, why would the city allow the buses to continue running in obviously dangerous conditions? Well, I’m not going to comment on the intelligence of City Hall, but I can confidently conjecture that the bus was likely already well into its schedule when the snow and ice struck and started wreaking havoc.

If this video takes place where I think it does within Seattle, there is a bus terminal not far from there, it’s very likely that the poor driver was just trying to get back there and off the streets.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’ve been trapped, snow and ice bound, in my house for 5 days in a row (at the top of a steep hill) and I’ve gone stir crazy because I don’t want to fall into the category of stupid PNW driver who can’t drive in the snow.

P.S. Everything thawed today and I was able to get away from my house for bit… and it was wonderful.

P.P.S. My cousin “The Method” shared this awesome link with me. LLAMAFONT.com. Llamas!!!! Letters!!! Letters made out of Llamas!! (pictures of llamas… not actual llamas…)





One thought on “What Do You Mean It Snowed?!

  1. I’m very glad you weren’t out driving in the snow, because then I probably would never have heard of Llama font.
    Not that I’m better for it, I just wouldn’t have heard of it.

    So thanks. I think…

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