ZomBcon Wrap-Up!

Hi folks!

Ok, so here is the deal – I am super-duper sick with an awful mucous-y cold from heck. It sucks. And I can’t think beyond the blecch.

I promised my wrap-up by today… but I am not up to writing it. So – to tide you over until I am – here are some awesome con photos!!

Zombie Mario and Luigi!! Luckily Peach is there in a pinch!

Zombie Spock? Illogical! Zombie Pirate? Sure! Both together? Mind BLOWN!

Annie Makes an Adorable Zombie Doll... with a Zombie Doll!

This Horde Makes a Great Posse!

Zombie Mulder and Scully! I want believe! (P.S. isn't that Scully an AMAZING doppleganger for Gillian Anderson??!)

And finally, completely random:

I found them!!! At ZomBcon - who knew?

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