Get in the Tub!!

Do you bathe? I know I do. Generally, in a shower-ly fashion. But occasionally, I get the yen for a good ol’ fashioned bath.  You know what the best thing about a bath is? Shutting the door and getting some quiet zen time to meditate and shit.

Now, I’m no bath-time aficionado. I realize there are tons of bath products out there that guarantee a mellow and relaxing experience- but let’s face it, most of the stuff on the shelves today was lovingly hand-crafted by machines.

So here is where I get snooty. I don’t take baths a lot, as you know, so when I do I want to really make it a special, even exclusive, experience – starting with lighting my Nintendo novelty Mario and Peach candles – right down to the locally-crafted by an actual human being soaps and aromatherapy salts.

Where do I go for such delightful suds and smells? I’m glad you asked. I go here:


Now you may be thinking, “Hey, wait a minute, is this like, an ad or something?” And to this I answer, yes. But not a paid one. The gal who owns, operates and creates the amazing stuff at The Epic Bath is a friend of mine – and I just HAD to share with you. Her soaps are the BOMB! Especially her bath bombs… which are… literally…bombs – though not the explode-y kind. Wow, if they were explode-y, that would be a real end to the “zen-sation”, huh?  I promise they won’t go kerblooey, so please just hop on over to The Epic Bath and take a look around.

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