Hope I Didn’t Forget Anyone…

Hi! I am back. I am well. I am in medical debt. But overall, I am AWESOME!

First things first, I promised back when my Cancer-saga began that I would not turn this blog into a big, wet, soppy handkerchief of self-woe and complain-y bits. Aside from begging for money, I think (I hope) I succeeded at this. If for no other reason then I pretty much completely stopped posting ANYTHING. Not because I was more depressed than Marvin the Paranoid Android, (+10 Coolness to those of you who know who that is), because I wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I had a few low points. But mostly I stayed pretty upbeat throughout the whole process. I didn’t post because I was sick. Like whoa sick. Chemotherapy, man, it kicks your ass. It also kicks Cancer’s ass. At least it did in my case. And I am exceeeeedingly grateful for this. Words cannot express how lucky and grateful I am. So I’m not going to try. Just take as writ that I am infinity lucky and grateful – and thankful! I have so many people to thank. In fact…

Drags podium out from the wings. Taps microphone to check that it’s on

First and foremost, huge, massive, immeasurable, galactic thanks to my amazing wife, Jen. Yes, my wife and I have the same name. Ain’t it cute?! But seriously, she was/is my rock. She put up with me when I was whining. She was my strength when I was too weak to move. She was with me for every single treatment. She was my advocate at all times. She called me beautiful even when I went bald and lost my eyebrows. She was and is, in a word (or two), FREAKING AWESOME!! And I love her more than I ever thought was humanly possible.

I also need to thank my folks for their support, even from three states away. Also my friends here locally and all over the country. My boss, her boss(es) and our HR department for being the bestest EVER!!

underscore music begins

Oh, crap, I’m running out of time! Uh, okay… The wonderful knitters who knit me geeky hats. The amazing Jen Yates of Epbot and Cake Wrecks who shared my clarion call for geeky beanies with her readership, and her readers who provided me with LOS LINKS to said beanies.

music swells progressively louder

I’d like to thank my agent (wait I don’t have one of those)… er… my producer? I don’t have one of those either. Um, OH! My doctor! Yes, I MUST thank my Doctor and the amazing nursing staff who guided me through treatment. And finally, I’d like to thank my dog, for being all loyal, and snuggly and dog-like. Erin, you’re the greatest Irish Wolfhound/Terrier mix ever.

kills music, slides podium back off

And I am done talking about cancer. Mostly. It may creep back in to the narrative at some point in little bites. Or I may provide links to cancer charities now and then. Or I may continue to beg for money to help pay down my medical bills once in a while. But, for the most part, as this blog goes – I’m done with cancer.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled mania of Flaninjas, and homicidal llamas and hilarious, emotionally scarring, stories of my youth.

Next week.