Cancer is Expensive!!

Okay, so here’s the crappy situation. I need to raise $5000 to pay for my cancer treatment.

I have searched for grants for women with cancer (the interwebs say there are thousands!!) but there aren’t. Especially if you don’t have breast cancer.

I have clicked through pages and pages of grants at and found nothing useful.

So, I am sending out another plea to my friends and family.

I’m setting up a donate button here on my blog where, if you like, you can toss a few dollars my way to help me –

OR if you know of any *specific* grants that I would qualify for, please send me the information so I can apply. Thank you everyone for your time, support and love.

2 thoughts on “Cancer is Expensive!!

  1. Did you try asking the hospital/cancer center? They usually have a lot of resources. They’ll do a lot to help people come up with the funds to pay them.

  2. I stumbled across your blog. I am also a cancer survivor and have medicial bills from the expensive, never-ending cancer treatments!

    I also found a place you might be interested in. They just opened up their application for grants for 2011. Go to The SAMFund and apply for a grant.

    Wishing you all the best,
    Cari from Wisconsin

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