Oh, the Humanity!!

Humans are awesome because we figured out how to make pudding… and flan. (FLAN!!)

Humans are awesome because we befriend animals we might otherwise eat.

Humans are awesome because we can make things happen out of our imaginations. I don’t know that many wombats who are creative writers or kangaroos who are sculptors… however, elephants that are impressionist painters may give us a run for our money.

Humans are awesome because we figured out that if you super-heat a whole bunch of sand, you can make a window, or a glass, or a vase or a bead or countless other things… and they’ll be shiny!

Humans beings are awesome because we figured out *not only* that eggs are edible, but also how to cook them. Think about it. How the heck did we figure that out? (I imagine a clumsy caveman and a nearby fire, or something).

Finally, Human Beings are *ESPECIALLY* awesome because we will reach out to each other and lift each other up during the toughest times, even when we don’t know each other.

Thank you, Jen Yates and all of her AMAZING Human Being readers at her site Epbot.com for helping me in my geeky beanie quest. You have done something so simple, but also utterly incredible and selfless, for me during what would otherwise be a pretty crappy time.

I don’t know any of you, but I love you all.

And if there are any Extraterrestrials or Literate Mammals who have felt gypped because I didn’t mention them here, apologies, you’re awesome too.

2 thoughts on “Oh, the Humanity!!

  1. I never heard of you before the Epbot post, but I must say I adore your attitude.

    I both knit and crochet – if you find a pattern you like, I would be very glad to knit or crochet you one or two hats.

    I have a big stash, and I’d rather do something with my hands than sit around watching TV.

    And I DO NOT accept payment for my craftwork – it sets a bad precedent. I work hard enough, I do not want to turn fun into work. Blech.

    I’d rather have the Karma anyway.

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