A Hot Mess

Of Facts, Observations and Anecdotes

1. Having your photo taken with a Gamma Camera will NOT give you super-powers. We are not pleased.
2. Being forced to watch someone’s random vacation photos, set to the music of John Tesh, while having your photo taken by said Gamma Camera – not fun. Do. Not. Want. (Edited to add: The Gamma photo session lasted 30-minutes, all of which spent lying prone on a backboard, facing a small TV that was showing this travesty of good taste. I could not look away!!)
3. You can impress any Surgical R.N. by telling them your name, birth-date, and the reason you’re there in the first place. If you get it all right, they treat you like you’re the smartest person in THE WORLD.
4. At the Cancer Center where I’m being treated, they assign you an R.N. to help coordinate all of your procedures and appointments. They’re called Nurse Navigators. Sadly, they do not wear flight suits. Missing an awesome opportunity here, I think.
5. The more you’re looped up on anesthetic, the more likely you are to tell the nursing staff poop jokes. Seriously, Sedation = Scatological Humor
6. Drinking milk regularly really does give you excellent bone density! Just ask the surgical radiologist who worked up a sweat taking a marrow biopsy from my hip.
7. Tron: Legacy was sadly disappointing.
8. Jen Yates of Cake Wrecks and Epbot.com is AWESOME!!
9. The Fushigi ball is a rip-off. Don’t buy it.
10. Finally, now we know where He’s keeping them:

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