Remember When David Faustino was Awesome? Yeah, me too

You know who’s more awesome than A-list celebs? B thru D-list celebs, and here’s why –

These are the folks who had featured roles in 80’s movies and crappy 90’s sitcoms – the ones memorable for that one line, or that one scene, or that one episode, or (if they’re lucky) that one series. These are the folks whose personal lives we know nothing about until they do something hilariously boneheaded on a slow news day. These are the folks who, when we hear their names or see their images, we gaze off wistfully into the ether for and say aloud, “yeah, man, they were awesome.” These are the folks who are genuine and lacking façade. Either they are genuinely nice, or genuinely prickish, or genuinely intelligent, or genuinely in-fricking-sane. And these are also the folks, who for whatever reason, are still considered to be A-Listers in the darker corners of Europe.

I’m sure you’ve already seen the embedded video below, as it has already made its way around the inter-webs several times by now, but if a picture is worth a thousand words, than this video is definitely worth like sixty trillion – and better than that, it totally proves everything I’ve been saying:

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