Los Links!!!!1!!

Ok, so bad news. I just found out I have cancer. Good news, it’s Hodgkins Lymphoma, the most curable and wimpiest of all cancers. Go me for picking a good one.

Don’t worry, this blog isn’t going to become a diary of treatments or pity party central. No Sirs! No Ma’ams! I don’t believe in that crap.

I will provide funny anecdotes as they happen. And they will happen. They’ve already happened. (FYI -Working on that blog post separately.)

But, readers, all five of you, I do need your help with one thing.

I’m gonna lose my hair. I’ve been told so. All the fancy cancer-zapping drugs I’m going to be on have hair loss as a side effect, and my oncologist’s nurse handed me a wig catalog at my last appointment.

I. Will. Not. Wear. A. Wig. … … EVER.

What I am planning on doing is stocking up on beanies and bandanas. But not just any beanies and bandanas – NERDtastic, GEEKgasmic beanies and bandanas.

Problem… where do I find such awesome head coverings? This is where you folks come in.

Send me LINKS!!! Yes, Links. If you find an awesome, “OMG Jen must SEE this!” nerdy, geeky head-covering online, please send me the link to it. No, don’t buy it for me. I’ll buy it if I like it.

What’s a Nerd or Geek theme? Muppets, Star Wars, Star Trek, Nintendo (or gaming in general), Monty Python, Tron, Dr. Who, Big Bang Theory, Ghostbusters, “steampunk”, zombie humor, tech support humor, binary code humor, or science humor – to name a few examples.

Rules! “We gots rules ‘round hee-yah.” No baseball caps. No Peruvian knit caps. No top hats, or hats that don’t conform to a natural head-shape. I’m very serious about sticking to beanies or bandanas. And no beanies with propellers because I mean, really?

But seriously, folks, I am EXTREMELY grateful to everyone who has given me their support online and off. Don’t feel obligated to do anything for me except for sending positive vibes my way…and even then don’t feel obligated.

I’m gonna kick this cancer square on the patootie and then I’m gonna melt it to death like the Wicked Witch of the West in Oz. I’m strapping on my fighting gloves… Let’s Do This!!

Remember When David Faustino was Awesome? Yeah, me too

You know who’s more awesome than A-list celebs? B thru D-list celebs, and here’s why –

These are the folks who had featured roles in 80’s movies and crappy 90’s sitcoms – the ones memorable for that one line, or that one scene, or that one episode, or (if they’re lucky) that one series. These are the folks whose personal lives we know nothing about until they do something hilariously boneheaded on a slow news day. These are the folks who, when we hear their names or see their images, we gaze off wistfully into the ether for and say aloud, “yeah, man, they were awesome.” These are the folks who are genuine and lacking façade. Either they are genuinely nice, or genuinely prickish, or genuinely intelligent, or genuinely in-fricking-sane. And these are also the folks, who for whatever reason, are still considered to be A-Listers in the darker corners of Europe.

I’m sure you’ve already seen the embedded video below, as it has already made its way around the inter-webs several times by now, but if a picture is worth a thousand words, than this video is definitely worth like sixty trillion – and better than that, it totally proves everything I’ve been saying: