Go Foucault yourself!

So I was listening to my favorite podcast (shameless plug) The Fingerbucket Report (shameless plug) and it started me thinking about words.

Not just any words, but words that sound like they should be about one thing, but are actually about another.

For example, and to borrow from (shameless plug) The Fingerbucket Report (shameless plug), let’s look at the word “philatelist”. Sure, in truth it means, “a person who collects stamps”, but if someone were to confide in you “hey, did you know that my uncle is an avid philatelist” you can’t tell me that the first thing that pops in to your head is “stamp collector”. Nope, I bet that you’d be thinking of a slightly more naught “TMI-y” variety.

So, I have thrown down a gauntlet to myself to strive for both childishness AND pedantry. Therefore, I shall freely and in accurate context use such words as “analemma”, “logorrhea” and “masticate”. Watch me as I deftly describe that special sort of fellow as a “pants rabbit”. Stand back jaw agape and legs akimbo as I roll back my “furbelow” and plant “rape seed” so that it grows in a “vaginervose” manner across the “hoary” cliff side.

Okay, wow, I’m having way too much fun with this.

So tell me, readers, what’s your favorite naughty sounding but not actually naughty word(s)?

Until next time I’ll be using Foucault’s pendulum to circumscribe the Earth.

3 thoughts on “Go Foucault yourself!

  1. My favorite naughty sounding word is moist. It’s not that it actually sounds like something unknown and naughty yet there is just a certain naughtiness to the word moist. It’s also in the way you say it. Teehee.

  2. Excellent observations, Jen! In fact, if you are not against such a move, I may use some of your observations as samples of excellent (and creative) writing to my English composition students!
    Today, my favorite “misunderstood” word is “mendacity.” The word may have a noble sound to it (as in commendable,) however, it is actually a noun meaning untruthfulness or the act of lying. It did my heart good today, Jan. 7th, to see Republican Representative Steve King from Iowa praise the new Speaker of the House’s “mendacity,” saying it was above reproach. These people are actually telling the truth now? Of course, the real reason for this honesty is because like so many of his Republican fellow travelers, he didn’t know what the word really meant! Sometimes it pays to focus on grammar and spelling in school!

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